Why I Love to Hate Men


So, today I read an article on yahoo (written by a man) titled: “Annoying things girlfriends do: Talk when we’re watching TV”.. Or something along those lines. Naturally, being the man hater I am, the title and seeing that it was written by a guy was enough to piss me off before I even opened the article to read it. This particular article (or blog?!) was pointing out the fact that the only time women (as in all of us) feel the need to carry on conversations is during either, A) The Game B) Sports Center or C) Both. There are a number of things wrong with that statement (or thought process, rather) that have brought me to my own facts, conclusions and accusations about Men:

FIRST- Simply stating that all women do this.. Was just dumb.

SECOND- If you think that MEN don’t just as often pick the wrong time to talk (or even get “in-the-mood”) such as during Desperate Housewives or Grey’s Anatomy.. Y’all are sadly mistaken.. and yes—those are just as important to US, as the Game is to you all.

THIRD- Okay.. I get it, you love football, so during the game the chit-chat should be kept at a minimum since you have been counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds since last Sunday to get to this point. Your fantasy football league will soon dwindle away if you, the team’s #1, and only fan, aren’t there to watch it in person since you’re their good luck charm. And I will sit there for 4 hours quietly and not ask what the purpose of the game is or why it’s relevant to have men in a gaggle only to smash into each other, just to move 5 feet at a time, and/or, why a “first down” is so important while you’re trying to scream your head off, in peace.

FOURTH- You are simply taking advantage of the fact that I sat there quietly and wasted 4 hours of my life that I’ll never get back so you get to watch the game… and then you want to watch the Sports Center commentary on it after its finally over.. for another hour? Like, do you really need Joe Madden to give you a “play by play” for something you JUST SAW LIVE with your own two eyes throughout the last 3-4 hours?! Chances are.. you already called bulls on one or more of the plays he’s going to mention. Is  it absolutely neccessary to see it twice and get angry at the TV again????!

I guess the point to this is: Men… Be lucky you even got nothing through half time. You can watch the game OR the play-by-plays with Joe afterward… But you can’t do both and expect NOT A PEEP from your woman through all of it. Sorry.

But I guess not leaving you alone every Sunday for 5 months during football season isn’t enough either. Then I’m expected to sit and watch, or be quiet through, baseball and basketball season too?! And what days are those games on (so I can go ahead and mark in my calendar to not expect to hear from you at all that night?!)

Oh ladies, I just thank my lucky stars that soccer isn’t TOO popular here in the states when the USA is losing. And if you’re one of those few women who like to watch and actually enjoy football just as much as your BF or hubby, my hat’s off to ya.. you are a better woman than I!

That post was a typical man for you though… Always wanting their cake, and to eat it too. So here’s a typical “Amy” post for y’all… I hate Men.


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