Meet the Lady of the House…

Hi there, I am Ms. Eden Nicole Masters a statuesque, busty, creative Lifestyle and Pro Domme located in Washington DC. Be forewarned that I have a dual personality. I am kind, but demanding, sadistic, but nurturing, fun, but firm, adorable but a bitch… I have been a Domina since 1994, keeping stables, operating play spaces and sometimes working in fine facilities and attending industry events as well as lifestyle parties. The scene has taken Me from some of the most conservative cities to the nation’s most scene friendly cities-from My humble beginnings in Nashville, to Atlanta, Miami, Austin, New York City, PG County, The Hamptons, Virginia, Baltimore, San Fransisco, San Diego, Long Beach, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles, Taos, Sante Fe, Las Vegas, Philadelphia…  I love what I do, and I aspire to engage in a variety of fetishistic/ BDSM oriented forms of play in many places and in may kinds of venues.  But, I have yet to create the perfect atmosphere in My home.

I am married to a man who loves to serve Females, but he is not so submissive.  We have been married for 9 years, but we have never had a scene because, having seen Me play, My husband is terrified of Me.  LOL.  None the less, he pays the bills and does his best to do what I say.  I need more.  Way more.  He and I have discussed this and basically, I am looking for a new cucky hubby.

I have fulfilled so many men’s fantasies that I think it is time to fulfill some of Mine.  My fantasies are domestic- they involve chastity, sissification, maid training, cuckolding and the like.  For as long as I can remember, I have coveted Martha Stewart’s standard of living. I want her chic and upscale New England lifestyle with all of its stylish order and hand crafted panache. Luckily, cooking and gardening appeal to Me because I love working with My hands and creating things. Entertaining is a passion as well, especially unconventional kinky gatherings . But in this touch screen world where so many brilliant ideas are readily available, a dominant Woman needs some good domestic help to get the job done. And the average husband or boyfriend often do not measure up. Domestics have to make a living, so full time service workers are expensive. Who wants to pay good money that could be saved or spent on life’s luxuries, just to maintain a posh standard of living? What’s a Domme to do? Well, train a sissy of course!  Well, not just a sissy maid- many.  And a shiny new cuck to go with My maids.  Maybe some Domme friends- transgendered and Female.  And, probably a host of assorted slaves- human horses and the like.  I am pretty geeked about the possibilities so I have created a fantasy file with pics and ideas of My dream life called “My Plantation”.

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